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Congratulations - Civilight Eye-care A60 Bulb won Innovation Award 2015

2015.03.24  Source: 本站

 We were told the test result was excellent of our Eye-care A60 bulb, which is really a good news to us, and it's a great time for indoor lighting LED industry.

Civilight Eye-care A60 has it's advanced eye protect function, high CRI (up to 98), no flicker, and no blue light hazard risk. For more test report, please go to

There is no doubt that this bulb brings a better future to children's health - harmless to their eyes when growing.

To "creat" this wonderful LED lighting bulb, Civilight Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd invested a mount of money and it's R&D engineer brought their wisdom into full play in this great project. Finally, they succeed, the Award is the return.

About Civilight

Civilight is a world leader engaged in research and development, manufacturing and global marketing of LED lighting products. CIVILIGHT has more than 13 years of experience in LED packaging and innovation in LED lighting applications products, and is at the forefront of introducing advanced technical LED lighting products and solutions to customers worldwide. The company is the recipient of China’s High Tech Enterprise Award and holds more than 200 global patents and certificates.