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Civilight's New Glory in HK International Lighting Fair 2014 (Autumn Edition)

2014.11.04  Source: 本站

Civilight <Civlight Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd, Civilight Asia Technology Limited> attended HK International Lighting Fair 2014 (Autumn Edition) from 27th to 30th Oct, and received many praises from visitors.


Civilight creats Foodmagic lighting which makes the fruits, vegetables and meat look much fresher and bread much more delicious. The Foodmagic lighting catched most visitors' eyes, as Mr. Xue, our President had expected. Another Special lighting is Plant Growth Lighting which can help most kinds of plant grow faster. You must remember how these special lightings played their magic if you have visited our booth.


The core value of Civilight is to continuously innovate leading LED techniques. In this fair, one CRI 99 Bulbs and one High Lumens Spotlight were displayed as key products. By the way, the most advanced product, Eye-protect bulb, keeps not only CRI 99, but no flicker and much less blue-light component. (Blue light is harmful to children's eyes.)


As a lead Led Indoor Lighting Manufacturer, Civilight created three simulations - mall, hotel and restaurant at our booth, to show how our lightings play a important role in professional market.


You could not miss the product displaying in front of the entrance of 1E Hall of Aurora, under the big sign "Hall of Aurora", where Civilight's tubes and bulbs played a cyclone together, and the different CCTs make it colorful.


Civilight's attendence this time can be described in one word, Magic!


Thank you!