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Definitions of CIVILIGHT brand new LOGO

2014.03.10  Source: CIVILIGHT

Foreword: The original "CIVILIGHT" LOGO designs thick lines, lacks of design aesthetics, and not only that, it is easy to cause reading difficulty because of the pure color letters. In short, it is not in line with the company's new brand positioning and promotion strategy of globalization, thus lead to upgrade "CIVILIGHT" design, promoting highly enhance of brand globalization.


1. The new LOGO uses the art design, ‘CIVIL’ to retain the original design style, while ‘LIGHT’ designs like light ray, to highlight the thinness and softness of light.Using the double ‘L’ superimposed design to distinguish between primary and secondary, to show the brand concept of CIVILIGHT of serving ‘CIVIL’ (Civic).

2. Color selected:  To design the color of 620 ~ 630nm red light for ‘L’, revealing the company adheres to product development philosophy of providing customers with ‘health light source", applying the leading ‘SUNWHITE’ technology to avoid the damage to the human eye of blue light. Meanwhile, ‘L’ represents "True Light", interprets the product philosophy of ‘True color, smart lighting’ perfectly, manifests that CIVILIGHT always insist to provide users with professional, healthy and comfortable lighting products of natural light.

3. The brand moral: "CIVIL" stands for ‘user (civic, for the public)’, ‘LIGHT’ means ‘product’ and also represents ‘lighting’ industry, lead to the CIVILIGHT brand interpretation: good lighting products for the public.

Recently the new LOGO will be put into use in the following affairs and items:

(1) Comprehensive promotion of Frankfurt lighting fair, April 2014 .

(2) 2014 catalogues.

(3) New product packaging since April 1, 2014( Packings of the products with the old LOGO will be ceased from July 1, 2014.)

(4)  CIVILIGHT official website.