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Southeast Asia and Russian become hot regions for led lighting export

2013.05.13  Source: 本站

At present China LED lighting market still develops slowly because of reasons of price, cost and technology. In domestic,lighting manufacturers sale products by project and distribution. So far projects share a big cake in the lighting markets, but it is limited all in all. And the demand for LED indoor lighting market is grow slowly as well as the calm sea. Inevitably, export becomes a popular saling way for LED manufactures.

Under the effect of slowdown economy in 2012, developed countries shrink their demands to market. On the contrary, emerging markets are turning to the basic instrument investment with a high demand to LED products. Southeast, Russia, Africa and other emerging markets become new light spot for LED export enterprises.

From last year Southeast Asia place more orders for LED. Enterprises are adjusting export strategy for sharing emerging markets.

Insiders indicated that the economic of southeast develop speedy with a high investment to basic instruction. What’s more, China has bilateral trade agreement with ASEAN countries, it will treat a low tariff even a zero tariff to export LED products to these countries.

Southeast Asia and Russian become hot regions for led lighting export such as LED Bulb,LED Tube etc.In Southeast Asia and other regions, Russia’s demand grows fastest for indoor lighting products. According to the data, LED Tube and LED Bulb share a biggest rate in Russian market, secondly is down light. Russian economic is getting warm. With a strengthen energy conservation and emission conduction sense, their demand to LED indoor lighting will soar high. And now, Thailand is processing a LED Brightening Project with a big demand for LED. As log as Chinese enterprises get a certificate of China origin, their LED products which export to Thailand will enjoy a zero tariff profit. Vietnam also released a “Draft for Nantional and City development planning from 2011 to 2020”, which indicated that Vietnam‘s urbanization level will reache 38% till 38%.. this will be a new hope for exporting LED lighting products.