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High Quality is the only consideration in all our product development

CIVILIGHT  LIGHTING Co., Ltd (CIVILIGHT) is a world leader engaged in R&D, manufacturing and global marketing of LED Lighting products.  CIVILIGHT has more than 13 years of experience in LED packaging and innovation in LED lighting application products.  Since its establishment in 2001, CIVILIGHT has been dedicated to improving LED lighting technology and extending its LED packaging core technologies to developing LED lighting solutions.  CIVILIGHT has been devoted to providing professional services to global customers in the LED lighting industry, including LED technology research, fully automated packaging capabilities, LED lighting product design, research and production and LED lighting solution design.  CIVILIGHT’s vision is to light up the world by offering exceptional LED Lighting products at affordable prices to consumers world-wide, and to expand our multi-national business group.


Attention ● Persistence ● Innovation

CIVILIGHT’s core focus is to fully develop its private brand of  and  in both domestic and world-wide markets.  We do this by making a significant investment in research on our leading LED technologies.  CIVILIGHT has been in the forefront in introducing state-of-the-art LED lighting products and solutions to customers world-wide.  We own the CIVILIGHT R&D centers and production sites both in Shenzhen and QiDong, and invest 10% of annual sales revenue back into our R&D efforts of LED techniques and lighting product developments.  This large investment has resulted in over 200 global patents issued, as well as numerous innovative and prominent LED lighting products.  The level of technology developed, product quality and brand awareness of Civilight is recognized by our international customers.


Devotion ●Trust ● Responsibility

CIVILIGHT employees are the foundation of all company development and our pursuit of a corporate culture of mutual trust and responsibility.  Additionally, CIVILIGHT greatly appreciates integrity and honesty in building our long-term partnerships with both suppliers and customers.  CIVILIGHT’s main goal is to be a world-class LED lighting group and bring eco-friendly products to the world instead of pursuing short term profits.  As one of the leading LED lighting companies in China, CIVILIGHT demands all of its products are well-designed, LED energy-saving lighting products which will save energy and sustain long lifetimes.  CIVILIGHT recognizes our responsibility to society, and is proud of creating a safety-first work environment for all of our employees.